Archilight understands that a space is a reflection of the client's unique vision and style. We provide close consultation to ensure that every bespoke lighting plan echos this, as well as unwavering functionality. This approach ensures that the design produced will realise your unique architectural vision, and be tailored to your specific needs.

Stage 1. The Brief
Initial discussions with the client to allow us to understand the scope and timeline of the project. We delve into the requirements and vision of the project to gain a good understanding of the look and functionality the client wishes to achieve.
Working closely with the client, designer, architect and contractors, a lighting design plan is developed. Technical information is provided to support the design, as well as specification and costs of the proposed products. CAD drawings and Lux plan is also available as an option which can help the client to better visualize the end effect and make decisions.
Stage 2: The Design and Proposal
Continue to review the design with the client and design team and make any changes necessary to produce a final design and quotation.
Stage 3: The Review

We love inspiration just as much as you do! Explore some of the projects we have worked on below

Samples of each product is provided to contractors with on and off site technical support regarding installation.
Stage 4: The Samples

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Call us  09 414 1392 or

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Archilight understands trust works both ways. We value every project and make sure everything gets done right. That's the most important thing our team have in mind when working on your design.


Silverdale House Kitchen

The client's design brief is a contemporary kitchen with soft, warm tones. Due to the height of the ceiling, any surface mounted or recessed light in this area would cause an unnecessary amount of light loss...

The vast outdoor areas of this family home required adequate lighting to create a safe environment and a continuous warm, ambient feeling...

Coatesville Garden

Tides Kitchen Torbay

This top location seaside restaurant is renovated with fresh and immaculate looking lights. The lighting plays an important role in creating a clean and trendy atmosphere for customers...

This newly built, charming cafe and restaurant utilises a variety of lighting to achieve a new-age, trendy atmosphere...

Little Dream Cafe

This house in Remuera is a completely new-build residential project, with sustainability at its core. To meet the owner’s thoughts and aspirations...

Remuera House

This quaint Parnell cottage was refurbished with a modern interior to adapt to the client's vision. Small, unobtrusive downlights were used in the kitchen area to create a clean and polished look...

Parnell House

The right retail lighting can create dynamic effects that inspire customers. The back panel pops with multi-coloured lights, creating a surprising, memorable experience...

St lukes Mall MAC

Archilight worked closely with the architects at Figgis Jefferson Tepa, and the resulting design is an uncompromised Ferrari showroom...

Automotive Showroom

'Into the under world' - Wynyard Quarter, was a public exhibition with free admission organized by Auckland Council, Foundation North and Panuku Development Auckland on December, 2017...

Into the Under World

The Lighting Design team works closely with the Logistics team to order the correct products, help them pack and label products for each room respectively for the ease of installation and liase with on-site contractors to arrange delivery times for each of the different rooms.
Stage 5: The Delivery